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At-Large Website Revamp: Policy Section Development - June 2015

At a glance

Since early April, ICANN staff and community members in the At-Large Website Revamp Task Force have been focusing on the development of the policy sections on the new At-Large website, which will be presented during ICANN53. Key features under construction include integration with the Public Comment page and a taxonomy system. The Task Force met in late April to review the project progress.

Recent Developments

At-Large staff has worked collaboratively with ICANN's Digital Services and offshore team in India on developing the "pre-alpha" version of the new At-Large website that will be presented at ICANN53. The pre-alpha version will demonstrate how the new website improves the policy management process for At-Large and how it facilitates member participation in the policy work of ICANN.

One of the key features of the new website is its integration with the Public Comment page on This integration enables the automatic creation of a page on the At-Large website that corresponds to a given public comment period. If the ALAC decides to submit a statement on a public comment proceeding, the page will enable visitors to keep track of the statement's development process in a transparent manner, as well as direct them to the community wiki or other relevant webpages to learn and engage.

Another key feature of the new website is its taxonomy system. All ALAC advice will be tagged based on topics, targets, material types, and other categorizations. Those tags will significantly improve the organization, search, and user experience of the website.

Besides developing the aforementioned features, the team has been working on new mockups, new HTML pages, design/UX improvements, mobile responsiveness, administrative access, the Content Management System, and other items.

In late April, community members in the At-Large Website Revamp Task Force had a detailed review of the progress and provided guidance for next steps. Two key decisions made during the meeting were 1) to move the future At-Large website under the ICANN domain (e.g. and 2) to recruit more community members to the Task Force at appropriate times for tackling different aspects of the website development.

Next steps

During ICANN53, a 45-minute session on the At-Large Website Revamp project will be held on Tuesday, 23 June. There will be a live demonstration of the policy sections of the website, as well as an interactive question and answer session to solicit feedback from the wider At-Large community.