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LACRALO Monthly Update - June 2015

LACRALO will hold its monthly meeting on 24 June. LACRALO expects to welcome approximately 10 self-funded members, in addition to two LACRALO leaders, four CROPP-funded travelers, and the winner of the Internet governance trivia contest, funded by the GSE Latin America and Caribbean team.

The LACRALO Showcase on the theme "Knowledge for Inclusion" will be held on 24 June. This Showcase aims to facilitate outreach activities for regional Internet user organizations attending ICANN53 and to celebrate LACRALO's achievements since its inception. Speakers include Fadi Chehadé; Steve Crocker, Chair; Rodrigo de la Parra, Vice President, Global Stakeholder Engagement—Latin America and the Caribbean; Alan Greenberg; and Fatima Cambronero, LACRALO ALAC member. There will be an artistic performance and cocktail reception. See the showcase website for complete details

Topic(s): EngagementInternet Governance

Organization(s): LACRALO