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ALAC Releases Reports on ALAC, Liaison Performance - an ICANN Community First

In Autumn 2007, the ALAC adopted Rules of Procedure that included performance obligations, both qualitative and quantitative, for members of the ALAC and the liaisons that the ALAC appoints. These were intended to help ensure that the At-Large community had a means of measuring the performance of their leaders and improving their accountability and the transparency of the community as a whole.

At-Large was the first ICANN community to create transparent obligations for participation of leaders, and in August they became the first community to publish the first set of statistics related to the obligations. The ALAC Executive Committee ("ExCom") also asked the Staff to publish updated versions of the report at the end of each month.

In September, in addition to the above, the ALAC ExCom requested the staff to report in further detail the activities of ALAC appointed liaisons in certain respects, to help inform the upcoming nominations period for the liaisons to serve in the forthcoming year.

The publication of this information informed a debate in the At-Large community about the results, and about whether or not the existing requirements led to measurements that were truly meaningful in all respects. As a result, the community will be reviewing the obligations of both ALAC members and ALAC Liaisons in Cairo to improve the system.

These reports and those published each month are permanently accessible from the 'ALAC Performance' menu option, or directly at

The ALAC Rules of Procedure are available from