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Want to Show the ICANN Community What Your ALS Does? Now Is Your Chance!

Exhibition of ALSes Work for At-Large Summit Planned

The At-Large Summit is an historic opportunity for the ALS community to meet together for the first time – but it is also an opportunity for each and every ALS to show their stuff to the entire ICANN community!

As a part of the Summit, an area is being setup where audiovisual and printed materials, or website materials, provided by the ALS community may be displayed and viewed by the attendees to the 34th International ICANN Meeting in Mexico City. The objective is for this to be an interactive display, showcasing the diversity of the worldwide At-Large community, their goals and interests.

The exhibition will be opened at a reception for all Summit delegates on Sunday evening, the 1st of March, but we need you to make this a success! The exhibition will only be as good as the contributions from the community are.

Do you have materials you can contribute to the exhibition? If so, please send a note to, copied to, with the following information.

We need to have this information on or before 21st February to ensure your materials can be presented properly

Name of ALS:

Type of Materials:

(for example, printed, webpages, printed but available electronically, audiovisual)


digital, printed, etc. – in the case of audiovisual materials, what format (so we can arrange the technical provisions to display it).

Where available:

(if online, a URL; if not online, when you can send it)

Contact Person: (name, email, and telephone number plus a good time to call)