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ALAC Ratifies Statement on Expense Analysis

The ALAC ratified the attached ALAC Statement on Expense Analysis on 27th July.

The document [PDF, 125K] was drafted by the At-Large staff with contents as requested by the At-Large Executive Committee, as a reply to the public consultation on the same subject to be found at:

Due to the imminent closure of the public comment window, Alan Greenberg sent the text on to the ALAC on 12th July, noting that if he received no objections in short order he would transmit it to the public comment period noting that it was still pending a vote of the ALAC (this communication may be viewed at

The ALAC began a vote on this document on 19th July, ending on 26th July. The results were announced on 27th July by the Staff, said result being that the Statement was endorsed by a vote of 11-0-0. The result may be verified under the following URL:

The document has been submitted to the public consultation on the Expense Analysis on 12th July and has been transmitted to the Secretary of the ICANN Board of Directors on 11th August, 2009.