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ALAC Ratifies Statement on the Public Consultation Process

The At-Large staff transmitted the ALAC Statement on the Public Consultation Process to the Board Committee for Public Participation on behalf of the At-Large Advisory Committee.

The Advisory was originally composed for the consideration of At-Large Summit Working Group 1 at their request, since the At-Large community has repeatedly suggested that the current public consultation process creates obstacles to effective advocacy on the part of At-Large. That original document is AL.SUM/WG1.01/INF.1.

In that text, At-Large Staff provided ideas on possible changes that could make the public consultation process more ‘user friendly,’ transparent, and accountable. These were based upon comments and suggestions made by members of the At-Large community over the course of time. Subsequent to the Summit, the Chair of the ALAC requested that the Staff prepare a version of the original text in the form of a Draft Advisory of the ALAC, which was made available to the ALAC Executive Committee on 19th May 2009 by the Staff. The ExCom, at their meeting of 8th June 2009, directed the Staff to post the text, in three languages, for At-Large community comment. The comments received, and the original text, may all be retrieved from

Rev1 of the text (the present document) incorporates those comments made. The Chair of the ALAC asked the Staff to run an online vote from 30th October to 6th November 2009, said vote resulting in the adoption of the Statement with 14-0-0. The vote results may be independently verified at