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The At-Large Community Seeks Statements of Interests for Candidates for Post of ICANN Board Seat

A Call for Statements of Interest (SOIs) is now open through August 21. This Call for SOIs is part of the new process through which the user community within ICANN will appoint one voting member of the ICANN Board. While acting in a personal capacity as a member of the ICANN Board, this member must be able to reflect the users' point of view and interests in the debate and decision making undertaken within the ICANN framework.

In seeking candidates for this post, ICANN's At-Large Community is looking for an individual with a broad international perspective and a background in Internet users' interests, consumer policy and/or civil society worldwide.

"At-Large" is the name of the community of individual Internet users involved in ICANN's policy development process. It currently consists of over 120 active At-Large organizations (called "At-Large structures" or "ALSes"), representing the opinions of the global community of Internet users. At-Large provides a means through which individual end users of the Internet worldwide can participate in the matters on which ICANN works, such as:

  • Guidance on how to run Internationalized Domain Names (IDN);
  • How to introduce new gTLDs (such as .info, .name and .museum); and
  • How to implement a stable and fair transition from IPv4 to the next Internet addresses generation, IPv6.

The At-Large Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC) now calls for Statements of Interest (SOIs).

For more information regarding the BCEC, including member details, please see the At-Large Board Candidate Evaluation Committee Web page (

How to apply for consideration

To apply, please complete and submit the Statement of Interest (SOI) available at The form can be submitted online or printed and either:

  • Posted to At-Large Director Applications, ICANN, c/o Heidi Ullrich, 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 320, Marina del Rey, California 90292, USA; or
  • Faxed to +1 310 823 8649.

To be considered, all SOIs must be:

  • Completed and submitted in English; and
  • Received by August 21, 2010, at 23:59 UTC.

Please feel free to e-mail the BCEC with any questions regarding SOIs or the application process at The BCEC will respond to all inquiries.