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Incoming ALAC Members and Regional Leaders Announced

The incoming ALAC Members and Regional Leaders who will be taking their seats at the end of ICANN63 in Barcelona.

They are noted below by RALO:

AFRALO ALAC Member: Tijani Ben Jemaa; Secretary: Sarah Kiden

APRALO ALAC Member: Holly Raiche; Chair: Satish Babu; Vice-Chair: Ali AlMeshal

EURALO ALAC Member: Bastiaan Goslings

LACRALO ALAC Member: Humberto Carrasco; Chair: Sergio Salinas Porto; Secretary: Harold Arcos

NARALO ALAC Member: Marita Moll; Chair: Eduardo Diaz; Secretary: Glenn McKnight

Congratulations to all!

For full details of the 2018 ALAC and RALO Elections, Selections and Appointments, please see the related workspace.