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At-Large Community Completed the Feasibility Assessment and Implementation Plan of At-Large Review Recommendations

Over the month of August, the At-Large Community has completed the Feasibility Assessment and Implementation Plan in response to the At-Large review recommendations proposed by ITEMS, the independent examiner conducting the review. The document was developed with significant input from across the community, including the At-Large Review Working Party (WP), the ALAC, Regional At-Large Organizations, and At-Large Structures. A small drafting team, consisting of seasoned At-Large Community leaders and members of the WP, compiled and incorporated comments received via a wiki workspace and a Google document. The ALAC discussed and ratified the document during its monthly call on 22 August 2017. Following the ratification, At-Large will submit this document to the ICANN Board Organization Effectiveness Committee for consultation in September, prior to Board consideration of the ITEMS recommendations during ICANN60.