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Pre-ICANN58 Policy Report – At-Large Community

What to Expect at ICANN58

At ICANN58, the At-Large Community will focus on three areas:

  1. The At-Large Review - Undergoing an organizational review, the At-Large Community will leverage ICANN58 to focus on the Draft Report and interact with the Independent Examiner and broader ICANN community.
  2. Deliberation on the At-Large Structure (ALS) Expectations and Criteria - At-Large will continue to refine their ALS communications plan and more clearly define the responsibilities of ALSes and Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs).
  3. Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Enhancing ICANN Accountability Work Stream (WS) 2 - At-Large will review the progress made in several critical subgroups in preparation for its comments on their recommendations and later deciding on whether to ratify the outcomes.

26 At-Large sessions will be held, including those with other stakeholders. EURALO will be holding their General Assembly and a joint outreach event with the Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC).


At-Large Review

Since May 2016, ITEMS International, the independent examiner, has been conducting the organizational review of the At-Large Community focusing on the RALOs and ALSes. The Public Comment of its Draft Report is open from 1 February to 24 March 2017. It proposes 16 recommendations that ITEMS believe will help improve the structure and effectiveness of the At-Large community.  

At ICANN58, ITEMS will hold a public Workshop which will provide an opportunity for a community-wide discussion on the findings and proposed recommendations. The aim of the session is to develop useful and implementable recommendations. The ALAC and Regional Leaders will hold a 2-hour discussion with ITEMS about the Draft Report. The At-Large Review Working Party will also hold a working session to finalize the At-Large responses to the Draft Report.

ALS Expectations and Criteria

In parallel with the At-Large Review, the ALAC and regional leaders will continue the process of re-assessing the criteria and expectations for organizations to become and remain as ALSes. As part of the effort, the ALAC will be improving the tools and processes to ensure full engagement of ALS members in ICANN activities.

CCWG-Accountability WS2

Many At-Large members are actively involved in the WS2. In ICANN58, they will provide an update on their activities to the wider Community.

Board Director Selection

The At-Large selected ICANN Board Director will likely have been announced before ICANN58. During ICANN58, the successful candidate will be interviewed.

Session Details

Please see the ICANN58 Workspace for details about At-Large sessions.

At-Large Review Sessions

ALAC and Regional Leaders Working Session Part 6 | Sunday, 12 March | 11:00-12:45 | Hall C1.3

At-Large Review Working Party | Tuesday, 14 March | 11:00-12:45 | Hall C1.3

At-Large Review: Workshop with Independent Examiner (ITEMS) | Wednesday, 15 March | 15:15-16:45 | Hall A3

Outreach Activities

EURALO-NCUC Event | Saturday, 11 March | 15:15-18:30 | Hall B4.2

End Users in ICANN: A Topical Discussion with At-Large | Wednesday, 15 March | 12:30-13:30 | Hall C1.3

RALO Meetings

Asian, Australasian, and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization | Tuesday, 14 March | 08:30-09:30 | Hall C1.4

EURALO General Assembly | Wednesday, 15 March | 08:30-10:30 | Hall C1.3

African Regional At-Large Organization-AfrICANN | Wednesday, 15 March | 13:45-15:00 | Hall C1.3

North American Regional At-Large Organization| Wednesday, 15 March | 13:45-14:45 | Hall C1.4

Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization | Wednesday, 15 March | 15:15-16:15 | Hall C1.3

Meetings with Other Stakeholders

ALAC-ccNSO | Sunday, 12 March | 17:00-18:00 | Hall C1.3

ALAC-Board | Tuesday, 14 March | 09:45-10:45 | Hall A1

ALAC-GAC | Tuesday, 14 March | 17:00-18:00 | Hall A2       

Working Group (WG) Meetings

Cross Community Committee on Accessibility | Saturday, 11 March | 08:30-09:30 | Hall C1.3

At-Large Public Interest WG | Saturday, 11 March | 17:00-18:00 | Hall C1.3

At-Large Technology Taskforce | Wednesday, 15 March | 11:00-12:15 | Hall C1.3