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Provide Your Public Comment on the At-Large Review Draft Report

ITEMS International, the independent examiner, has been conducting the organizational review of the At-Large Community. The public comment of the At-Large Review Draft Report will be closed on 24 March 2017. The Draft Report proposes 16 recommendations that ITEMS believe will help improve At-Large Community’s structure and effectiveness, regional and global meetings, funding regime and support staff. To help readers gain more insight into the review, ITEMS held a webinar on 27 February. Furthermore, a public Workshop on the At-Large Review will be held in ICANN58 on Wednesday, 15 March at 15:15-16:45. It will follow up on the topics covered in the webinar and provide an opportunity for a community-wide discussion on the findings and proposed recommendations, with an eye toward developing useful and implementable final recommendations. Provide your feedback soon!