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Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs)

The five RALOs unite our At-Large Structures (ALSes) and individual members based on their geographic regions. As the information conduit and facilitators, RALOs disseminate information from ICANN, promote the participation of their members, and channel the regional user point of view to ICANN. Each RALO is governed by its own organizing documents, including a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN. Playing a key role in ICANN’s regional strategies, several RALOs partner with ICANN to facilitate the development of critical infrastructure for the Domain Name System. Learn more about RALOs from ICANN’s Bylaws >

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African Regional At-Large Organization

Engaging Africa 4D

AFRALO is the home of the individual Internet user community for the African region. It provides news, key resources and interactive information sharing tools for individuals and enduser groups in the African region who are interested in ICANN and in shaping the future of the Internet.

AFRALO aims to:

  • Strengthen users’ participation in ICANN decision-making structures
  • Help ensure that its members will actively encourage more direct participation by end users
  • Build Internet policy making capacity in the region
  • Reach out to Internet users on the issues in the scope of ICANN
  • Represent users’ interests and defining public interest aspects of Internet governance with specific focus on the areas of privacy, transparency, and accountability
  • Strengthen consumer protection in ICANN policies
  • Identify social impacts of technical infrastructure design
  • Take cultural diversity into account when formulating technical standards (e.g. IDN implementation)

AFRALO currently consist of 75 ALSes located in 33 countries and territories, as well as 21 Individual Members and 3 Observers.

To learn more about the ongoing work of AFRALO, you are welcome to check out its confluence wiki workspace:

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