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At-Large Advisory Committee Agrees Plan of Action for Summit Follow-Up

The ALAC, in its meeting on 24 th March, resolved upon a plan for taking forward the Summit working groups and outcomes to keep the momentum in the community which the Summit has generated.

Firstly, it was agreed that the five Summit working groups should continue to follow the issues within their remit, and all At-Large community members are asked to engage with one, or more, of the working groups. Regular meetings of each working group will be held, commencing shortly, and dedicated wiki work environments are being created to support their work.

Secondly, a process was agreed which will ensure each of the five working group statements becomes not just a Summit conclusion, but also an Advisory of the ALAC to the Board of ICANN.

In order to ensure each statement garners the widest possible community support, each statement will be put out for comment by the whole At-Large community in French, Spanish, and English editions. After review and amendment, if required, by each working group’s leadership team, the statements will be voted on by the ALAC before presentation to the Board. Where an ICANN-wide public comment period is underway on a matter addressed by a statement, it will also be submitted in the relevant comment box.

The ALAC asked the Staff to ensure the community were aware of these changes, and of the URLs for mailing lists and workspaces for those who wish to participate. These details will be forthcoming soon – if you wish to follow events in the At-Large community, it is recommended that you subscribe to the At-Large announcement list.