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APRALO Publishes Outreach Brochure

Tri-fold APRALO Brochure 2010 - 1 Tri-fold APRALO Brochure 1

Download the APRALO Brochure as .PDF

The members of the Asia, Australasia and Pacific Islands regional At-Large organisation (APRALO) published an outreach brochure which will help increase awareness of ICANN and At-Large in the region. The brochure illustrates ICANN’s responsibilities in the domain name system, highlights APRALO’s role in ICANN’s multi-stakeholder policy process and touches on key issues such as the the transition from IPv4 to the next Internet addresses generation, IPv6, and the introduction of internationalized domain names (IDNs). The brochure will be used to facilitate APRALO outreach activities in regional forums and conferences. Hard copies will be available at the ICANN meeting in Brussels.