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Community Call: Meet the Candidates of the ICANN Board Director Selected by the At-Large Community

As recently announced, to help the At-Large Community to learn more about the background and views of the Final Slate of Candidates for the ICANN Board Director position and to help the electorate members to decide on their votes in the final election (starts on 21 Feb 2017, view timeline), the Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC) have decided to organize an At-Large Community wide teleconference: Meet the Candidates of the ICANN Board Director Selected by the At-Large Community

Date and Time 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 at 13:00 - 15:00 UTC (120 minutes) 

For other times:

Participation Details 

To attend and speak in the teleconference, you may use its virtual meeting room (Adobe Connect) and/or the telephone bridge (Adigo). Spanish and French interpretation will be provided. 


  1. Opening and introduction by the Moderator - 3 min
  2. Presentation by the Candidates - 20 min                   
    • 10 min for each Candidate to introduce himself and state his visions, views, positions as a future ICANN Board Director
    • Presentations will be carried out in alphabetical order of the surname (i.e. Alan GreenbergLeon Sanchez
  3. Questions & answers between the At-Large Community members and the Final Candidates - 95 min                          
    • No time limit for each question or response, but all are encouraged to speak concisely to optimize the interaction time
    • Questions can be addressed to both Candidates or to individual Candidates
    • Questions can be different from the questions asked in the Q&A wiki workspace, or the same questions or follow-up questions for further clarification
  4. Closing remarks and next steps by the Moderator - 2 min

Recording and Transcript 

If you cannot attend, recording and transcript will be made available on the wiki page here as soon as available after the teleconference:

Background Information 

For background information of the ICANN Board Director Selection Process, please visit the At-Large Board Member Selection workspace

Any questions regarding the process should also be directed by email to They will be answered as quickly as possible.