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Respectful Online Communication

The ICANN community is reminded of the declaration on Respectful Online Communication, which can be found at:

Statement on Respectful Online Communication

written together during the fifth international forum for Online Dispute Resolution in Liverpool, England (held in cooperation with the Economic and Social Commission of the United Nations for Asia and the Pacific) and decided in accordance April 20 of 2007.

"While information and communication technologies (ICT) never allow existing interactions between Individu s around the world, they also bring dynamics that may affect the dialogue.

ICT enables people to communicate directly and anonymously with each other. This is often done without measure and in some cases, it encourages behavior (such as threats or insults) that would never put on the day in personal contact most people. This behavior can arouse the feeling of being not desired in the corresponding online interactions, not respected or being harassed in humans. Eventually people may be deterred by these dynamics, participate in online interactions, which undermines the vibrancy of our global conversation.

That's why we encourage people to:

  • Keep your online communications respectfully.
  • Listen to others carefully so you understand their perspectives.
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions.
  • Keep your criticism constructive.
  • Ensure diversity and be tolerant of otherness.

We support the vigorous and open communication. We recognize the unique way and possibility of expression of opinions in Onlinew orld. We stand behind freedom of speech and reject censorship. These principles are not intended to address what ideas can be expressed, but they are intended to set the tone, to be held with the communication. "

The ICANN community is specifically recalls the ICANN framework for accountability and transparency ( ICANN Accountability and Transparency Framework  ):

The expected ICANN Code of Conduct

All who participate in multi-partnership processes, including the Board, staff and all who are involved in supporting organizations and councils are to:

  • Acting in accordance with the ICANN bylaws. In particular, they are within the mission of ICANN and in the spirit of the values ​​found in the ICANN bylaws, act.
  • Adhere to the rules on conflict of interest, as set out in the statutes, keep.
  • All members of the ICANN community treated equally - regardless of nationality, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation; Members of the ICANN community should be treated both in direct contact and in the online contact polite.
  • In reasonable and well-informed manner act when they participate in the development of principles and processes for decision making. This includes regularly attending scheduled meetings and that they alone create their independent judgment as to what is in general-the best interests of the Internet users and the stability and security of the Internet's system of unique identifiers - regardless of personal interests and the interests of the unit, which a person might owe their appointment.
  • The views of the partners give ear when fundamental issues are pending. ICANN is characterized by its diverse partnership. Anyone who takes part in the ICANN process must note the importance of all stakeholders and try to understand their issues.
  • By this work, to make agreements with other stakeholders to find solutions to problems that fall within the responsibility of ICANN. The ICANN model is based on a "bottom-up" philosophy, one driven by consensus approach of developing guidelines. Anyone who takes part in the ICANN process must take responsibility for ensuring that the success of this model is guaranteed by the fact that an attempt is made to engage with other participants to settlements.
  • Acting in accordance with the ICANN principles.
  • protect the assets of the organization and ensure its efficiency and effective use.
  • Accessible and in good faith with other participants in the ICANN process.

All these principles of behavior when they are used in communication between members of the global ICANN community, will help ensure that we all get a chance to be heard and to listen in respectful, cooperative attitude - an attitude which the community towards dialogue and productivity.