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The New gTLD Program

11 June 2008

Hosts: Karla Valente, New gTLD program Manager and Olof Nordling, Manager of Policy Development Coordination

Audio: [English] (stream server)

Presentation: Introduction to the new gTLD program (PDF, 274K))

Description: The briefing is designed to focus on the new gTLD program from an Internet end-users’ perspective. Olof Nordling and Karla Valente start the session with a short history of previous gTLD rounds, the rationale behind the new gTLD program and the latest policy developments. They then give a short overview of the proposed application and evaluation process for the new round, eg. what criterias and requirements will be taken into account, and talk a little bit about the objection process (standing, potential grounds for objection). The sessions closes with an outlook on future challenges.