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Final Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) Report Discussion

4 June 2009

Host: J. Scott Evans, J. Neuman, E. Shankman, K. Rosette, and M. Wong from the IRT Drafting Team

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Transcription: [English] (PDF)


The purpose of the call was to discuss the IRT Final Report. Members of the IRT reviewed the five identified trademark protection issues, specifically the five priority proposals of:

  • IP Clearinghouse, Globally Protected Marks List and associated rights protection mechanisms, and standardized pre-launch rights protection mechanisms;
  • Uniform Rapid Suspension System (“URS”);
  • Post delegation dispute resolution mechanisms at the top level;
  • Whois requirements for new TLDs; and
  • Use of algorithm in string confusion review during initial evaluation.

Participants will be able to engage in a discussion of the proposed solutions to these issues as set out in the Final IRT Report.

Further information on the overarching IRT priority issues and the current draft IRT Report are available at:

Reference Material:

Final IRT Report

PDF Presentation for this Briefing