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gTLD Marketplace Health Index Proposal

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  1. Develop First Draft

    Ended: 22 Nov 2015

  2. Open for Comment

    Ended: 8 Dec 2015

  3. Finalize Final Draft

    Ended: 14 Dec 2015

  4. ALAC Vote

    Ended: 18 Dec 2015

  5. Submission

    Submitted: 21 Dec 2015

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 21 Dec 2015 23:59 UTC


Purpose: ICANN seeks community input to facilitate the creation of a gTLD Marketplace Health Index. This Index will analyze the overall health and diversity of the global gTLD marketplace. Current Status: ICANN has developed a set of candidate concepts for community discussion to inform its creation of the gTLD Marketplace Health Index. These concepts are set forth in detail below, and focus on (i) robust competition, (ii) consumer trust, and (iii) non-technical stability. Next Steps: The gTLD Marketplace Health Index will be finalized by staff, in consultation with community Advisory Panel volunteers, in light of public comments received.See public comment in
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