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Proposed Schedule and Process/Operational Improvements for AoC and Organizational Reviews

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  1. Develop First Draft

    Ended: 6 Jul 2015

  2. Open for Comment

    Ended: 8 Jul 2015

  3. Finalize Final Draft

    Ended: 10 Jul 2015

  4. ALAC Vote

    Ended: 10 Jul 2015

  5. Submission

    Submitted: 16 Jul 2015

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Submission due: 16 Jul 2015 23:59 UTC


The purpose of this Public Comment posting is to request community feedback on a proposed schedule and process, including operational improvements, for Reviews mandated by the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC Reviews) and the ICANN Bylaws (Organizational Reviews). The request for the community is based on both appreciating the community's workload and the timing of several Reviews in FY2016. Based on the terms of the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC) and ICANN Bylaws, seven Reviews are scheduled to take place in FY20161, in addition to the finalization of the GNSO Review. Under the AoC, these Reviews would be: Security, Stability and Resiliency Review (SSR2); WHOIS Policy Review (WHOIS2); and Competition,See public comment in
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ALAC Statement

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