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  1. Develop First Draft

    Ended: 13 Jun 2009

  2. Open for Comment

    Ended: 26 Jun 2009

  3. Finalize Final Draft

    Ended: 2 Jul 2009

  4. ALAC Vote

    Ended: 7 Jul 2009

  5. Submission

    Submitted: 7 Jul 2009

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Submission due: 7 Jul 2009 23:59 UTC


The IRT team participated in numerous teleconferences and several face-to-face meetings in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, California, over a two month period. The resulting recommendations report on Trademark Protection Issues identifies several proposed solutions, including: IP Clearinghouse, Globally Protected Marks List and associated Rights Protection Mechanisms, and standardized pre-launch rights protection mechanisms; Uniform Rapid Suspension System; Post delegation dispute resolution mechanisms; Whois requirements for new TLDs; and Use of algorithm in string confusion review during initial evaluation.See public comment in
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