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  1. Phase 1. Develop First Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 31 Mar 2011

  2. Phase 2. Open for Comment
    100% complete

    Ended: 7 Apr 2011

  3. Phase 3. Finalize Final Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 11 Apr 2011

  4. Phase 4. ALAC Vote
    100% complete

    Ended: 16 Apr 2011

  5. Phase 5. Submission
    100% complete

    Submitted: 18 Apr 2011

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 18 Apr 2011 23:59 UTC


The WHOIS Policy Review Team was launched in October 2010 in line with the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC) provisions, section 9.3.1, which stipulates that: "ICANN additionally commits to enforcing its existing policy relating to WHOIS, subject to applicable laws. Such existing policy requires that ICANN implement measures to maintain timely, unrestricted and public access to accurate and complete WHOIS information, including registrant, technical, billing, and administrative contact information. One year from the effective date of this document and then no less frequently than every three years thereafter, ICANN will organize a review of WHOIS policy and its implementation to assess the extent to whichSee public comment in

ALAC Statement




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