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ICANN Draft Five-Year Strategic Plan (FY16 – FY20)

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  1. Develop First Draft

    Ended: 15 May 2014

  2. Open for Comment

    Ended: 15 May 2014

  3. Finalize Final Draft

    Ended: 22 Jun 2014

  4. ALAC Vote

    Ended: 28 Jun 2014

  5. Submission

    Submitted: 28 Jun 2014

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Submission due: 28 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC


Join us in creating ICANN's new, overarching vision and long-term strategic plan. Your input and perspectives are critical to our process. Public comment is invited on the Draft ICANN Five–Year Strategic Plan (FY16 – FY20) through June 2014. Built on community input received throughout an extensive, public strategy conversation, the Draft Strategic Plan proposes a new Vision, reiterates ICANN's existing Mission, and describes five focus areas with Strategic Objectives and Goals. Each goal includes proposed, strategic outcomes, risks, measures and phasing over five years. ICANN is seeking general feedback, as well as input on the proposed measurable outcomes for the Focus Area Goals. Your comments will helpSee public comment in
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ALAC Statement

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