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Proposed Bylaws Changes Regarding Consideration of GAC Advice

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  1. Develop First Draft

    Ended: 22 Aug 2014

  2. Open for Comment

    Ended: 3 Sep 2014

  3. Finalize Final Draft

    Ended: 4 Sep 2014

  4. ALAC Vote

    Ended: 11 Sep 2014

  5. Submission

    Submitted: 12 Sep 2014

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 12 Sep 2014 23:59 UTC


ICANN is posting for public comment proposed Bylaws revisions that would incorporate a higher voting threshold for the Board to determine not to follow the advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee. Currently, the Bylaws require a simple majority of the Board (50% + 1) to vote to not follow a piece of advice from the GAC. The proposed amendments to the Bylaws would require 2/3 of the voting members of the Board to vote to act inconsistently with a piece of GAC advice.See public comment in
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ALAC Statement

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