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Take the At-Large Review Survey!

Help make At-Large a more efficient and effective part of the ICANN community – all are invited to take part in the At-Large Review survey

The At-Large Review is conducted by the Paris-based consultancy firm, ITEMS who acts as the independent examiner. Taking (no more than) 30min to participate in the review via the online survey will be an invaluable contribution to the success of this important review process.

Whether you are the representative of an At-Large structure (ALS), a regular participant in ICANN meetings, an ICANN insider or a newcomer to the world of Internet governance, your opinion interests us! 

ITEMS will share the preliminary evaluation and findings of the survey during the ICANN57 Hyderabad Meeting. We urge you to fill in the survey at your earliest convenience, make your voice heard!  This is your opportunity to share your views on what’s working, what’s not working so well, and improvements that could be made. 

IMPORTANT: If you have an interruption and cannot complete the form make sure you go to the last page and submit the form first. Your answers will then be saved and you can return at a later stage, using the same device, and complete the survey, clicking ‘submit’ once more.