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EURALO General Assembly 2015

EURALO members are finalizing the organization of their General Assembly (GA) which will be held in two parts on Wednesday 21st October. GA Part 1 will focus on a substantive discussion of the theme “Public Interest” at time: 10:30-12:00. This section will have as invited speaker Nora Abusitta, ICANN’s VP, Development and Public Responsibility, EURALO member Bill Drake and Konstantinos Komaitis of ISOC.

The GA Part 2 will take place in the afternoon at 15:45-17:30. The guest Speakers include: Wolfgang Kleinwächter, ICANN Board Member, Rinalia Abdul Rahim, ICANN Board Member selected by ALAC/At-Large, Alan Greenberg ,ALAC Chair and Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP Stakeholder Engagement Europe. The GA will be followed by the Joint EURALO and European Coordination & Networking Event. The full Program of all the GA and related activities is posted in the following WIKI page EURALO General Assembly

Topic(s): Public Interest

Organization(s): EURALO