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ALAC Submits Statements on CWG-Stewardship 2nd Draft Proposal and CCWG-Accountability Draft Proposal - June 2015


These two statements are the result of extensive consultation among At-Large members and participants in the CWG and the CCWG, the At-Large Ad-Hoc Working Group on IANA Transition and ICANN Accountability, and the wider community.

To enhance At-Large members' understanding of these two important draft proposals and to facilitate their engagement in the public comment process, special briefings were held on April 27April 29, and May 18, 2015. Notably, the African Regional At-Large Organization and several At-Large members submitted comments separately.

At a glance

The ALAC submitted statements in response to the public comment requests of the 1) 2nd Draft Proposal of the Cross-Community Working Group (CWG) to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions and the 2) Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG) on Enhancing ICANNAccountability—Proposed Accountability Enhancements (Work Stream 1).

Recent Developments

2nd Draft Proposal of the Cross Community Working Group (CWG) to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions [PDF, 638 KB]

The ALAC is generally supportive of the Draft Proposal. However, the ALAC does have a number of critical concerns that it believes will need to be addressed to allow the ALAC to fully support the final CWG proposal.

The ALAC would prefer an IANA wholly integrated into ICANN, but is willing to accept a compromise of a separate legal entity if the details of its organization and governance are satisfactory.

Topic(s): Accountability/TransparencyIANA

Organization(s): ALAC