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AFRALO Monthly Update - September 2015

On 4 September, AFRALO submitted a statement [PDF, 62 KB] in response to the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability Second Draft Proposal. The statement was widely discussed and approved by all AFRALO members via the mailing list.

Some highlights of the AFRALO position include "concerns about the rejection of budget items concerning a particular SO or AC by the community." Additionally, AFRALO believes that the ICANN Board of Directors "has the responsibility to balance the needs and priorities among the various ICANN constituencies [and] should continue to do so."

AFRALO also appreciated the "extension of ICANN contract by a year, which we believe will further give adequate time for implementation and testing of the overall combined proposal of the ICG. We support the overall formation of the combined proposal of the ICG moving forward and we hope our concerns will be addressed accordingly. We look forward to an improved proposal that further ensures participation of all relevant communities."