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ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee Announces Vacancies - Volunteers Needed From Europe, North America

**Individuals from these regions interested in serving on the ALAC are encouraged to contact the Committee by 30 November 2004.**

Two original members of the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) will be stepping down to pursue other endeavors – Esther Dyson from North America, and Thomas Roessler from Europe. ICANN’s Board will appoint individuals to fill these vacancies, after receiving recommendations from the ALAC. The ALAC will solicit volunteers and public input through prior to making recommendations to the Board.

Applicants with these strengths will be particularly welcome:

  • Experience with At-Large Structures or groups that address one or more issues affecting individual Internet users, and past involvement in an ICANN issue relevant to At-Large;

  • A basic understanding of the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure, and ICANN's policy-setting role; 

  • Successful experience with group decision-making and consensus development;

  • Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC;

  • Ability to expend the time and resources necessary to perform the requisite tasks; and

  • Contribution to the ALAC's diversity in terms of culture, gender, and social and professional experience.

Statements of interest containing the following information should be emailed to <> by 30 November 2004:

1) Name, country, profession, email address:

2) Experience with At-Large Structures/groups addressing user issues:

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users:

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development:

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC:

7) Other relevant social, professional experience:

ALAC members' responsibilities include working with colleagues and staff to:

  • Solicit input, develop proposed positions, and provide advice on the activities of ICANN that are relevant to individual Internet users;

  • Conduct outreach on At-Large advocacy and organizing efforts;

  • Foster the formation of At-Large Structures and the creation of Regional At-Large Organizations, including considering applications for "At-Large Structure" designation; and

  • Selecting At-Large delegates for the Nominating Committee, and selecting/serving as At-Large liaisons for the Board, GNSO Council, ccNSO Council, policy development task forces and other entities.

Terms of ALAC members appointed by the Board start upon their appointment and end when a Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) is established in their region and the RALO selects individuals to replace them on the ALAC. ALAC members receive no compensation for their services as a member of the committee. The Board may, however, authorize the reimbursement of the actual and necessary expenses incurred by ALAC members in performance of their duties. Approximately 7 hours per week is required of ALAC members to fulfill their duties in this role. This includes participating in online (e-mail) discussions, commenting on/contributing to documents/proposed actions (drafted in English), participating in monthly ALAC telephone conferences (in English), and meeting with/making presentations to, local and regional organizations.

The ALAC, which includes 3 members from each of ICANN’s five geographic regions, drives At-Large advocacy and organizing efforts by: 1) working with At-Large groups to consider and provide advice on the activities, decisions, and policies of ICANN that relate to the interests of individual Internet users (the "At-Large" community); and 2) helping the At-Large community throughout the world organize for structured involvement and informed participation in ICANN. ICANN relies on the ALAC and its supporting infrastructure to involve and represent a broad set of individual user interests, thus helping to ensure that ICANN's policies reflect the needs, interests and rights of a full range of stakeholders. Information on the ALAC’s activities and members is posted at <>.

Ultimately, ICANN’s objective is to have the ALAC supported by a worldwide network of self-organized, self-supported groups designated as “At-Large Structures.” These groups (either existing organizations or newly formed for this purpose) are expected to organize into five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) (one in each ICANN region - Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and North America). After being formalized through an MOU with ICANN, each RALO is expected to manage outreach and public involvement and be the main forum and coordination point in each region for public input to ICANN. The RALOs also are expected to elect a majority of ALAC members and contribute five delegates to ICANN’s Nominating Committee.

Questions regarding this announcement should be emailed to <>.