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New At-Large Advisory Committee Member from North America Elected

New At-Large Advisory Committee Member from North America Elected

The Chair of NARALO, Evan Leibovitch, announced on 19th January that Mr. Gareth Shearman of Canada was elected to the At-Large Advisory Committee by the NARALO. As Mr. Shearman's election is to fill the vacancy on the ALAC as a consequence of the resignation of Robert Guerra, Mr. Shearman's term will end at the close of the ICANN Annual General Meeting in 2009. The Announcement from the NARALO chair may be viewed at

Biographical Information - Gareth Shearman

Gareth Shearman has over 40 years of experience in educational and community computing applications. For much of his career he worked as an educator in the pubic school system and in educational administration.

His early involvement with computing was in research in Computer Assisted Instruction. He has been involved with the founding of a number of educational and community computing organisations. In 1992 and 1993 he and his colleagues founded both Telecommunities Canada and the Victoria Free-Net Association. These organisations continue their work as supporters of all aspects of community ICT development.

Mr. Shearman has represented Telecommunities Canada at a number of international events and is a member of CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, on its behalf.

Mr. Shearman holds a BEd degree from the University of British Columbia and an MSc (Ed) degree from Simon Fraser University.