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At-Large Public Comments Requested: Draft ALAC Statement on the IRT Final Report

The Draft ALAC Statement on the IRT Final Report is now open for comments by the At-Large community until 26th June. Comments made will then be reviewed for incorporation in the final text by the At-Large IRT Working Group members.

The statement may be found at:

Comments may be made by clicking the 'Comment' button at the top of the page; please do ensure that you provide your name and/or affiliation as part of the comment as it will otherwise be anonymous.

Amongst the points introduced in this statement which were not a part of the ALAC Statement on the Draft IRT Report are the following, as provided by ALAC Member Patrick Vande Walle:

  • We believe the IRT's proposals are beyond the scope of ICANN and trademark law: If such an IP clearinghouse needs to be created, it should be by institutions external to ICANN.
  • There is no way dictionary words can be reserved by IP holders on the basis thay they use such words as brands.
  • "Post Delegation Dispute" is Inappropriate, in that it would extend the registries contractual compliance to include treatement of trademarks, with rather vague and subjective criteria on how well they would perform on that aspect.
  • The Whois section adds a sentence mentioning that no reach out to, and requests comments from, national and regional Data Protection Offices, and that it should be part of the process.