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ALAC Ratifies Statement on the Bylaw Amendment Related to Organisational Review Cycles

The ALAC ratified the attached Statement on the Public Consultations on Proposals for Systematization of Organizational Review Processes, and Bylaw Amendment Related to Organisational Review Cycle.

The document [PDF, 109K] was drafted by the At-Large staff with contents as requested by the At-Large Executive Committee, as a reply to the public consultation "Proposals for the Systematization of Organisational Reviews" to be found at:

The last paragraph was drafted by the Staff as requested by the Chair of ALAC on 3rd August 2009 in order to allow the Statement to apply equally to the consultation that followed that above-referenced, to be found at

The Chair of the ALAC then requested the Staff to open a vote on the document beginning on 3rd August and closing on 9th August. The result of the vote was announced on 11th August by the Staff, said result being that the Statement was endorsed by a vote of 11-0-0. The result may be verified under the following URL:

The document has been transmitted to Marco Lorenzoni, with a copy going to the Secretary of the ICANN Board of Directors, on August 11th, 2009.