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Annual At-Large Elections Processes Underway

Each year between the summer ICANN meeting and the ICANN AGM in the Autumn, the At-Large community elects its leaders for the forthcoming year, as well as appointing NomCom voting delegates. This process has an impact on the whole ICANN community.

This year, between August and the beginning of October, the At-Large community is engaging in a series of elections:

Each of the five Regional At-Large Organisations (“RALOs”) is:

  • Recommending nominees for the ALAC to consider for appointment to voting positions on the Nominating Committee (“NomCom”);
  • Electing one member of the At-Large Advisory Committee (“ALAC”);
  • Electing RALO Officers (Secretariat and in some regions a Chair and Vice-Chair);
  • Proposing candidates for ALAC Board Liaison; the ALAC will then vote on the slate of all candidates proposed by all RALOs.

The ALAC is:

  • Appointing five Delegates (voting members) of the NomCom;
  • Appointing the ALAC Liaison to the ICANN Board, from the list of candidates provided by the RALOs;
  • Electing its Chair, two Vice-Chairs, and Rapporteur;
  • Electing liaisons to the GNSO Council, ccNSO Council, IDN Policy, NCUC, and the SSAC.

More Information

Complete information may be found at the At-Large Elections 2009 page.