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ICANN Board Unanimously Approves Voting Board Seat for At-Large Community

In its meeting of 27th August 2009, the ICANN Board of Directors unanimously resolved as follows:

'IT IS RESOLVED THAT the recommendation of the BRWG to add one voting director appointed from the At-Large Community to the ICANN Board of Directors, and removing the present ALAC Liaison to the Board, is approved in principle for implementation. Staff is directed to identify all steps required to achieve the implementation of this principle, after issuing of the BRWG Final Report.'

Upon passage of the resolution, the Chair of the Board, Peter Dengate-Thrush, congratulated the whole Board, and requested the Staff to immediately inform the At-Large community.

The proposal that one or more voting Director seats on the ICANN Board should be selected by the At-Large community is a recommendation of the recently-completed At-Large Independent Review process. The other recommendations in the Final Report of the Board's At-Large Review Working Group were approved by the Board during their meeting at the Sydney ICANN meeting in June.

As referenced in the final part of the resolution, the next step in the implementation of the resolution will be the presentation at the Seoul meeting of the full report of the BRWG (Board Review Working Group), as this element of change of the Board is a part of the broader Board review process.