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Comments Requested on Draft At-Large Review Implementation Plan Outline

The At-Large community is requested to review the At-Large Review Implementation Outline. Comments are being taken until 30th September 2009 at

At the public board meeting on 26th June 2009 (see (english only)), the Board of ICANN approved all but one recommendation of the At-Large Review Working Group in its Final Report of 6 th June 2009 (see [PDF, 308K]).

The ALAC requested that the Staff create a draft At-Large Review Implementation Plan Outline containing all the recommendations and sub-recommendations in the Final Report for the entire At-Large community to review and comment upon. The draft under consultation is that document.

Once the consultation is over, the results are to be incorporated into a final Outline plan which the ALAC will vote upon; once ratified the plan will then be transmitted to the Board for review at the Seoul meeting.

Why Is This Important?

The recommendations in the At-Large Review Final Report will have important transformative impacts upon the At-Large community and its interactions with other parts of ICANN. This outline plan is At-Large’s chance to influence these transformations at a high level, and in particular to indicate what priority the various recommendations should have with respect to one another.