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ALAC Ratifies Advisory on ICANN Meeting Dates 2011 - 2013

The ALAC ratified the attached ALAC Advisory on ICANN Meeting Dates 2011 - 2013 [PDP, 138K] on 2nd September.

The document was initially drafted by ALAC member Adam Peake with contents as requested by members of the ALAC and the Working Group on the Future Structure of ICANN, as a reply to the public consultation “ICANN Meeting Dates/Geographic Rotation 2011 - 2013” to be found at:

It was then subjected to an informal comments process within the ALAC and RALO leaders; the first revision is a consolidation of the various comments by the staff intended to reconcile all those comments received.

At its 25th August, 2009 Meeting, the ALAC decided that the document, which missed the deadline for the public consultation on ICANN Meeting Dates/Geographic Rotation 2011-2013, shall be transmitted to the Board of ICANN as an ALAC Advisory with immediate effects. The document was submitted to the ICANN Board of Directors as an ALAC Advisory on 28th August.

The ALAC also requested the Staff to open a vote on the document following its transmittal to the Board, said vote opening on 28th August and closing on 2nd September. The results were announced on 3rd September by the Staff, said result being that the Statement was endorsed by a vote of nine votes in favor, one vote against and one abstention. The result may be verified under the following URL: