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ALAC Transmits NomCom Delegates List for 2010


The following list with NomCom Delegates for 2010 was transmitted to the current and incoming NomCom Chairs Tricia Drakes and Wolfgang Kleinwächter today:

  • NomCom Delegate from Africa: Yaovi Atohoun (Benin)
  • NomCom Delegate from Asia, Australiasia and the Pacific Islands: Hong Xue (China)
  • NomCom Delegate from Europe: Olivier M.J. Crépin-Leblond (France)
  • NomCom Delegate from North America : Eduardo Diaz (Puerto Rico)
  • NomCom Delegate from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands: José Ovidio Salgueiro (Venezuela)

The candidates were appointed following a regional selection process where each regional At-Large organization submitted to the ALAC a list of NomCom Delegate candidates. The ALAC then started a vote on September 7th 2009, which ended on September 14th 2009. The results of said vote were announced to the At-Large community on September 15th 2009 (see

The results of the balloting may be independently verified at the following URL:

We thank all the candidates for their commitment and wish the appointed NomCom Delegates a successful tenure!