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At-Large Participation at IGF 2017: Sights and Sounds

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Click here to find a compilation of pictures and videos from At-Large Participation at IGF 2017.

IGF 2017 Closing Ceremony Video featuring Indigenous Ambassador Matthew Rantanen and ALAC Member Sebastien Bachollet.


Live Tweets from At-Large:

#ICANN At-Large Indigenous Ambassador Matthew Rantanen advocates for Native American representation in the global end user community at #IGF2017 Closing Ceremony! @mrrdesign

Video: #ICANN At-Large Indigenous Ambassador Matthew Rantanen speaks at the #IGF2017 Closing Ceremony!  @mrrdesign

#ICANN At-Large #AFRALO leader Tijani Ben-Jemaa holds an AFRALO Workshop at #IGF2017 in Geneva, in Room XXVII-E (Palais des Nations, Geneva). Join!

Great group shot at #IGF2017 of #ICANN At-Large leaders - Satish, Maureen, Oliver, Sarah and Glenn! @satish_babu @MaureenHilyard @Olivier_CL @MsKiden @Inkmedia

#ICANN At-Large #AFRALO leader Tijani Ben-Jemaa leads planning group for an #IGF2017 session this Thursday!

#ICANN At-Large is all smiles at the At-Large Booth! #IGF2017 @MaureenHilyard @Olivier_CL @lion05 @GalstyanLianna Keep up the great work!

At the #IDF2017 Digital Currency and Blockchain Technologies Session, where #APRALO leaders Lianna Galstyan and Satish Babu are speakers! @GalstyanLianna @satish_babu #ICANN

Busy #ICANN At-Large booth today at #IGF2017, engaging participants! Thanks @mskiden @Inkmedia

Today  President Göran Marby  signed an MOU with the MTCIT of  at the , with At-Large in attendance!

  of the Domain Name System, lessons learned for other IG issues now in room XXI https://

Satish Babu, Chair of #APRALO, is one of the Panelists at the Policy Challenges for AI Development at #IGF2017 today! #ICANN

ALAC Vice Chair Bastiaan Goslings @bassiegos and At-Large Community members engage at #IGF2017! #ICANN

Fun at the At-Large Booth at #IGF2017 Geneva! Stop by and learn more about the #ICANN Internet end user community! @Inkmedia @mrrdesign @MaureenHilyard

. “We have to improve ourselves and do better...I look forward to working with everybody here in the room”

#ICANN At-Large Community at #IGF2017 Booth with #ICANN President Göran Marby - thank you for stopping by! @icann_president @internetsociety @mrrdesign @Olivier_CL

Ali AlMeshal  and Satish Babu  present at  Workshop "'Data is the New Oil': Shaping the Digital Economy of MENA" this morning in Geneva:

#ICANN At-Large #NARALO Community Member Glenn McKnight @Inkmedia shares photos from #IGF2017 on Flickr:

Olivier Crepin-Leblond @Olivier_CL and Sebastien Bachollet @SebBach at #IGF2017 in Geneva.

@Inkmedia @MaureenHilyard @satish_babu in front of the "three-legged chair"!

#ICANN At-Large #NARALO leader Glenn McKnight with #APRALO leaders Maureen Hilyard and Satish Babu, all smiles in front of the UN building at #IGF2017!

I'm excited to Chair the "DC on Core Internet Values" at IGF 2017: Shape Your Digital Future!. Join us at 08:00 UTC!

#ICANN At-Large's Sarah Kiden @MsKiden and Satish Babu @satish_babu, from #AFRALO and #APRALO, speak at #IGF2017!

#ICANN At-Large, #APRALO's Lianna Galstyan @GalstyanLianna at #IGF2017!

At , day 0. We have a session with all Schools of Internet Governance () and share our experience. I speak on behalf of  and .

Maureen Hilyard of #ICANN At-Large #APRALO at #IGF2017!

Sandra Hoferichter @Shoferichter opens the DC Schools of IG at #IGF2017! #ICANN

  opens with  from  speaking in the first panel

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