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World Summit on the Information Society


The WSIS Working Group, of which the ALAC is founding member, has developed a stakeholder statement regarding support for ICANN. The statement was released at the ICANN Mar Del Plata meeting, on April 4.

The WSIS Working Group will host a WSIS Workshop on Wednesday, 13 July, at the upcoming ICANN Luxembourg meeting. The workshop is free and open to all. At-Large participation is strongly encouraged. Check the meeting website for more information.

Below are statements issued by the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
regarding full particiation of the global user community in the United
Nations' Internet discussions (called "World Summit on the Information
Society" or "WSIS"). The ALAC encourages comments on these remarks -- or
other statements/activities related to user involvement in WSIS. To submit a
comment that will be posted on the public At-Large forum, click here.

Last year, the ALAC launched a "multi-stakeholder" effort to to increase awareness and understanding of the United Nation's WSIS process and related issues that affect ICANN. Central to this effort is the "WSIS Working Group", which was self-formed by ALAC members and individuals involved in a variety of ICANN stakeholder groups. The Working Group has issued a statement on ICANN and WSIS and has sponsored "WSIS Workshops" at the last four ICANN meetings. A wealth of information was presented at the WSIS workshops and is available at: