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Working Group on Accountability Document

25 November 2008

Submitted by I Aizu (with an amendment by J Morris)

As rough consensus, not in precise language:

In case an ALAC member or Liaison is approaching to fail to meet the
requirements, the community should attempt to resolve the problem in
an appropriate manner. If this community approach does not work, the
Chair will contact the person directly and discuss the matter.

IF these attempts still do not work, the Chair will consult with RALO
or NomCom that selected the person for possible actions. In the
extreme case, the Chair, in consultation with other ALAC members, will
privately encourage the member to resign. If this does not happen by
14 (fourteen) days from that communication, the Chair formally notify
the entity responsible for appointing the member, and a message MAY be
copied to the public ALAC list, and ask that the appointment is
immediately reconsidered.

Liaisons' criteria should also be defined

We also agreed to develop clear job descriptions for each role (including liaisons) that
are approved by consensus. The job descriptions should be given to the new
ALAC members and Liaisons so that they can understand the expected standard of
performance and amount of commitment

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Amendement J Morris