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The Future Direction for ALAC: A Discussion of the ALAC Review Working Group Report

1 March 2009 - 09:00 - 10:30
Alameda 4/5 (Hotel Meliá)


Instructions on how to participate remotely may be found at this URL:

Interpretation into EN, ES and FR provided.

Organiser: Patrick Sharry for the Board At-Large Review Working Group
Format: Short presentation and then interactive discussion with members of the ALAC Review Working Group.
Description: The purpose of this session is to involve summit participants in a discussion of the final report of the Board ALAC Review Working Group.  This report, which will be submitted to the ICANN Board's Structural Improvements Committee for consideration, recommends some important changes in the way that the At-Large Advisory Committee works and in the way that At-Large interacts with other parts of ICANN.  The session will begin with a brief overview of the contents of the report. The panel of members from the Working Group would then like to engage the participants in an interactive discussion of the issues. This report is part of ICANN’s organizational review and continuous improvement initiative, which includes an independent examination of the role and operation of key structures of ICANN. The report can be found at <>.