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ALAC Meetings in Rome

2 March 2004

Welcome, introductions - Vittorio Bertola, ALAC Chair

At-Large Involvement in ICANN

Overview of At-Large Organizing and Advocacy - Vittorio
At-Large organizing

  • Conducting outreach through mailing lists, website, regional/international
  • Developed, gained Board approval of, and implemented At-Large Structure
    accreditation process
  • 8 more At-Large Structure applications received since ICANN Tunis
    meeting in October 2003
  • Conducted due diligence (process can be tracked on website –
  • First round of votes in December 2003
  • Second round of votes in February 2004
  • All applications approved except one rejected as ineligible (application
  • Currently 10 organizations accredited as At-Large Structures + 6
    applications under due diligence (in Tunis: 0 ALS + 8 under due diligence)
  • Current list of accredited At-Large Structures:
    – Società Internet (Europe)
    – Arab Knowledge Management Society (Asia/Aust./Pac.)
    – Alfa-Redi (Latin America/Caribbean Islands)
    – FITUG (Europe)
    – Internet Society Luxembourg A.S.B.L. (Europe)
    – Internet Society Bulgaria (Europe)
    – Moroccan Internet Society (Africa)
    – Anais.AC (Africa)
    – Sudan Internet Society (Africa)
    – Internet Society - Finland (Europe)
  • Prepared “welcome package” for accredited orgs and working
    to identify orgs’ interests/needs and involve orgs and their members
    in ICANN
  • Two regional workshops held in Rome – Europe and Asia/Pacific/Australia
    to discuss At-Large organizing efforts in these regions
  • ALAC currently conducting due diligence on six applications:
    – Internet Society Vasudhay Kutumbhkum (ISVK) - India (Asia/Australia/Pacific)
    – ISOC Taiwan Chapter (Asia/Australia/Pacific)
    – At Large @ China (Asia/Australia/Pacific)
    – National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association,
    Taiwan (Asia/Australia/Pacific)
    – Internet Society - Catalan Chapter (Europe)
    – Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático
    (Latin America/Caribbean Islands)
    At-Large Advocacy/Policy Development
  • At-Large liaisons serving on three GNSO WHOIS task forces
  • At-Large statement on registry services recently issued
  • At-Large liaison working on WIPO-2 task force

Other activities: WSIS

  • Informal participation by some ALAC members in WSIS and in related
  • ALAC co-organized WSIS workshop here in Rome
  • Very important that the ICANN community:
    – is informed about what is happening at WSIS
    – mobilizes local Internet communities
    – participates in the upcoming UN WG activities
  • Statement recently released emphasize:
    – Support for public-private partnership and ICANN
    – A couple of issues still need to be addressed
    – ALAC willing to participate in UN working group

At-Large activity in Africa - Clement Dzidonu, ALAC

  • African RALO Contact Group Set-up
  • Website to publicize/coordinate African region activities is being
  • Secretariat to support outreach & ALSs recruitment/mobilization
    activities is being set-up to be based in Accra
  • Targeted outreach to increase number of ALSs is on-going and will
    be step-up leading to Kuala Lumpur and thereafter (revised schedule
    on reaching critical mass of accredited ALSs)
  • Still hopeful to launch RALO in Cape Town or at minimum get enough
    ALSs and start the formation process

At-Large activity in Asia/Australia/Pacific - Tommy
Matsumoto, Izumi Aizu, Hong Xue, ALAC members

  • APNG – started “AtLarge Committee”
  • Outreach meetings at:
    - APRICOT, Kuala Lumpur
    - AP* meeting
    - APNG meeting
  • ALAC conducting due diligence on 4 ALS applications from this region
  • Planning organizing event in Kuala Lumpur to advance RALO

At-Large activity in Europe - Roberto Gaetano, ALAC

  • 2 more applications received
  • Formal requirements for RALO already met
  • Broadening the scope, schedule revised
  • Mailing to around 40 “non-technical” organizations –
    some feedback received
  • Aiming to start a founding group

At-Large activity in Latin America/Caribbean Islands
- Sebastian Ricciardi, ALAC member

  • Conducting outreach to variety of groups
  • Professional societies (e.g. engineers, attorneys, etc.)
  • Consumer advocacy and civil society groups
  • Computer user organizations
  • Others

Current Issues Affecting Individual Internet Users

  • Introduction of New Domain Names - status report on ICANN evaluation
    of new gTLDs, Miriam Sapiro, gTLD Evaluation Team (Presentation
    - PDF)
  • WHOIS Database - addressing privacy, accuracy, access, and use of
    the WHOIS database - Vittorio Bertola, Thomas Roessler (Presentation
    - PDF)
  • WIPO II – Sebastian Ricciardi (Presentation
    - PDF)
  • WSIS – Izumi Aizu (Presentation
    - PDF)
  • Registry Services - developing procedures for handling registry changes
    that may affect Internet users - Thomas Roessler (Presentation
    - PDF)