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ccNSO Agenda

11 December 2008

Draft Agenda Council Call
11th December 2008

1) Confirmation of Approval of Minutes and Actions from Council Call 5th November

2) Welcome to new Observers: Olga Cavalli, GNSO and Rudi Vansnick, ALAC

3) Resolution on Amending Resolution on Approving Geographic Region Process from 5th October 2007

The resolution shall reflect the Council decision from Cairo to insert the line "except for extraordinary circumstances" under the section "Limitations" in the final recommendations

("4. Limitations. From the date that an application under these provisions has been approved by Council, no further applications from that ccTLD will be considered for a minimum period of 5 years. In the event the application has been approved by the Council the assignment to the ICANN Geographic Region only has affect with regard to matters relating to the ccNSO.")

4) Decision on Candidates to:

4.1) Community Wide Working Group on Geographic Regions. 1 candidate needed; Candidates: Fahd Batayneh, .jo (see attachment 1 for bio), Vika Mpisane, .za
4.2) ICANN's strategic and Operational Planning Committee. 3 candidates needed. The closing date for statements of interest is 10th December. Candidates so far: Fahd A. Batayneh, .jo (see attachment 1 for bio), Lesley Cowley, .uk, Byron Holland, .ca, Erick Iriarte, LACTLD, Oscar Robles-Garay, .mx, Peter Van Roste, CENTR
4.3) GNSO Council Observer; 1 candidate needed. Candidates: Pierre Bonis, .fr (see attachment 2 for bio), Alioune Badara Traore, .ml (see attachment 3 for bio)

5) Working Group Update

5.1) ccNSO/GAC WG, including update on its composition
5.2) IANA Working Group
5.3) Participation Working Group
5.4) Tech Working Group

6) Mexico Meetings agenda

6.1) ccTLD Update session
6.2) Registry/registrar session
6.3) Other

7) Update on Call for Travel Funding

8) Council Elections Update

9) ICANN Board Nominations Update

10) AOB