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(26) Corporación Ecuatoriana de Comercio Electrónico, CORPECE

18 March 2005

Application for "At-Large Structure" (ALS) Designation

General Information:

  1. Organization Name:
    Corporación Ecuatoriana de Comercio Electrónico, CORPECE
  2. Email Address:
  3. Telephone Number:
  4. Address:
    9 de Octubre N29-24 y Eloy Alfaro
    Edif. Cesantia Policia Nacional
    5to Piso
    Quito - Ecuador
  5. Website:
  6. Contact regarding this application:
    Carlos Vera Quintana
    9 de Octubre N29-24 y Eloy Alfaro
    Edif. Cesantia Policia Nacional
    5to Piso
    Quito - Ecuador


  1. Is your organization constituted so that participation by individual Internet users who are citizens or residents of countries within the Geographic Region in which your organization is based will predominate in your organization's operation?
  2. Describe your organization's constituents/membership (number, citizenship/location, defining characteristic - e.g. profession for professional societies):
    ICTs and Internet Users, Internet Professionals from Ecuador. 250 members to date, ecuadorian or residents
  3. Explain the eligibility requirements (if any) for your organization's constituents/membership (if you provide a written application for admission as a member, you may attach a copy):
    No special requeriments more than to work on Internet issues.
  4. In what language/s does your organization conduct its business?
  5. Provide support for the statement that your organization is self-supporting (by answering "yes" you confirm that it will not rely on ICANN for funding):
  6. Describe your organization's structure (e.g. governing and decision-making bodies and processes):
    Board of Directors
    Executive President
    Executive Director
    4 Vice President: Legal, Technical, International Relations and Business.
  7. Does your organization commit to supporting its individual constituents'/membership's informed participation in ICANN?
  8. Describe how your organization keeps its constituents/membership informed about, and enables them to participate in, decisions regarding issues of interest:
    web site
    weekly electronic newsletter and surveys
  9. Does your organization post on the Internet publicly-accessible, current information about your organization's goals, structure, description of constituent group(s)/membership, working mechanisms, leadership, and contact(s) (if this information currently is available, provide URLs)?
  10. Provide information on your organization's leadership (leaders' names, positions, emails):
    Carlos Vera Quintana Executive Director cvera@xxxxxx
    Francis Tigreros Vice President Technical francis.tigreros@xxxxxx
    Oscar Aguilar Vice President Business oscar@xxxxxx
    Hernan Olmedo Vice President Legal hernan@xxxxxx
    Hector Revelo Vice President IR hector@xxxxxx


  1. What is your organization's primary goal or mission (please attach any mission or policy statement for your organization, if in writing, or provide a URL, if posted):
  2. What ICANN-related issues currently are of interest to your organization's constituents/membership:
    Domain Names
  3. If formed, will your organization commit to assisting the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) for the region in which your organization is based in performing its function?


Carlos Vera Quintana
Executive Director

Status: Withdrawn