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(12) Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático

2 December 2003

Application for "At-Large Structure" (ALS) Designation
Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático


Contact Information

  1. Organization's Name: Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático
  2. Organization's email address: dereinfo@xxxxxx
  3. Organization's phone number (include country/city codes): 00(506) 382-5159
  4. Organization's address (location and postal address, if different):
    P-O- Box. 10629-1000 San José, Costa Rica.
  5. Organization's website (URL) (if available):
    In construction. Provitional:
  6. Organization's contact for ALS application (email, phone, address):
    Alejandra Castro Bonilla
    Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático
    Phone 00 (506) 3825159
    P.O. Box. 10629-1000 San José, Costa Rica


  1. Is your organization constituted so that participation by individual Internet users who are citizens or residents of countries within the Geographic Region in which your organization is based will predominate in your organization's operation?
    Yes, our organization was constituted by a group of attorneys at law, specialized in new technologies and Internet Law. We are all citizens of Costa Rica.
  2. Describe your organization's constituents/membership (number, citizenship/location, defining characteristic - e.g. profession for professional societies):
    We are a professional society of 19 founder members and 30 incomming members. We are all attorneys, specialliced in new tecnologies and Internet Law in Costa Rica.
  3. Explain the eligibility requirements (if any) for your organization's constituents/membership (if you provide a written application for admission as a member, you may attach a copy):
    The eligibily requirements for our organization�s membership are:

    The member must be an attorney at law with academic or professional experience in new tecnologies or Internet Law and must be recommended by al least one founder member.

  4. In what language/s does your organization conduct its business?
  5. Provide support for the statement that your organization is self-supporting (by answering "yes" you confirm that it will not rely on ICANN for funding):
    Yes. We work with monthly payments that we receive from our members.
  6. Describe your organization's structure (e.g. governing and decision-making bodies and processes):
    We have founder members, incomming members and special members. The structure of the Organization is as follows:

    a)General assembly; b) Board of directors; and, c) Prosecutor.
    We submit to ALS our constitution act.

  7. Does your organization commit to supporting its individual constituents'/membership's informed participation in ICANN?
    Yes, we do.
  8. Describe how your organization keeps its constituents/membership informed about, and enables them to participate in, decisions regarding issues of interest:
    We have forums and mail-groups an we have regular meetings once a month.
  9. Does your organization post on the Internet publicly-accessible, current information about your organization's goals, structure, description of constituent group(s)/membership, working mechanisms, leadership, and contact(s) (if this information currently is available, provide URLs)?
    Yes. The information is in: <>

    We are also building a new web site.

  10. Provide information on your organization's leadership (leaders' names, positions, emails):

    Name Position Email
    Alejandra Castro Bonilla President acastro@xxxxxx
    Aarón Montero Sequeira Vice President amontero@xxxxxx
    Juan José Obando Peralta Secretary juanjose@xxxxxx
    Walter Gómez Quirós Treasurer WGomez@xxxxxx
    Christian Hess Araya Vocal chess@xxxxxx
    Jolene Knorr Briceño Prosecutor jknorr@xxxxxx


  1. What is your organization's primary goal or mission (please attach any mission or policy statement for your organization, if in writing, or provide a URL, if posted):
    We have all the information in: <>
    Our primary goals are:
    • investigate and promote the investigation of the legal problems derived from Internet;
    • investigate and promote the investigation around the application of technologies in legal matters;
    • advise and offer consultative opinions to the government and other public institutions in the decisions that involve new tecnologies and Internet Law
    • prepare and present/display leal proposals to the Congress, to contribute to the development and growth of technologyl in the country;
    • promote education;
    • contribute with the accomplishment of academic events and scientific publications,
    • help in all those aspects of the judicial, administrative or legislative scope of its competition.
  2. What ICANN-related issues currently are of interest to your organization's constituents/membership:
    • Information about calendar events
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Information and the InterNIC
    • ICANN-RIR Relationship Agrement
    • ICANN Structure
    • New TLD Evaluation Process
    • GTLDs
    • ccTLD Delegation and Administration Policies
    • Domain-Name Dispute Resolutions
    • All information about At-Large Structure
  3. If formed, will your organization commit to assisting the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) for the region in which your organization is based in performing its function?


Alejandra Bonilla's signature

Alejandra Castro Bonilla, PHD, LLM.
Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Informático


Step VII - Certified as At-Large Structure