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At-Large Improvement Plan

17 December 2009

Audio: English

Transcription: English

Suggested Agenda Items

1. Introduction and Purpose of Call - 5 mins (Cheryl)
This call seeks to further the project planning and implementation processes for the undertaking of the recommendations made in the recent ALAC Review WG Final Reportand the Board Resolution on the ALAC Review WG Final Report. Thus, the purpose of this community call is for At-Large and the ALAC to take the next steps regarding the priorities identified during the Seoul meeting (see: Draft At-Large Review Implementation Outline v2.1 - EN.xls ) including allocation of tasks, specific assignments, and time-lines. This process should use a Working Group model that is both responsible for their particular tasks as well as provide ongoing support and input into the wider implementaion project management to be led by a project manager.

2. Review of At-Large Review Improvements Outline - 15 mins (Cheryl)

See Google Spreadsheet of the At-Large Review Improvements Outline

3. Allocation of Priortized tasks

4. Organization of Work

5. Next Steps