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ALAC 24 March 2009 Summary Minutes

24 March 2009

• Internet Registrant Rights Charter WG
A Peake is to remind A Greenberg to ask the GNSO staff to go through
current consensus documents and find out the parts in there of those
consensus policies relevant to registrant rights
A Greenberg to mention to the GNSO our current state of preparation and
our readiness and willingness to go on with this activity and also that
BB in his capacity of liaison with the NCUC will make outreach to those
representatives who wish to join us in the At-Large based WG on this
topic or to work in concert with whatever activity they are going to be
doing on this.
.A Greenberg is to reach out to the community and specifically to those
who worked very hard at the atlarge summit in the thematic session to
become actively engaged and participate in the preparatory work and to
ensure that staff and those of us who were involved in the original
efforts on this topic ensure that all the right information is
extracted from archives and available for the WG to review
Former participants on the RAA WG are to look at their archives of the
past twelve months and see whether all useful pieces of information
have been captured.

• IRT - ALAC Representatives and WG support
At-Large community urged to give their inputs to the IRT group before
the start of the public comment period, final draft being for 24 May.

•Proposed Charter of Geographic Regions Review Working Group - Deadline: 24 March 2009 – closed on 25 March
LACRALO to think about identifying people for a WG on the issue

•New GNSO Stakeholder Group Petition and Charters - Deadline: 15 April 2009
A Peake will try to summarize the statements made in Mexico City and see how they corrolate to the previous ones

•Fast Track Proposed Solutions - Deadline: 6 April 2009
A Greenberg will keep ALAC Posted and put his comments onto the list.

• New gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 2 - Deadline: 13 April 2009
A draft statement should be sent to the At-Large community informing
them about the work being currently done on that and reminding them on
the timeline for inputs, especially with regards to the version 2.

•ALAC Review WG Draft Final Report - Deadline: 17 April 2009
At-Large members to send further in order to be incorporated into the alac statement on alac review