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What is At-Large?

"At-Large" is the name for the community of individual Internet users who participate in the policy development work of ICANN. Currently, more than 160 groups representing the views of individual Internet users are active throughout the world. You can learn more about the community and its activities on this website, as well as how to join and participate in building the future of the worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) and other unique identifiers which every single user of the Internet relies on every time they go online.

At-Large Preparing for 2nd At-Large Summit scheduled to be held during ICANN 50 in in London 21-26 June 2014!

Approximately 160 At-Large Structure (ALS) representatives will be meeting in London 21 through 26 June for the second At-Large Summit (ATLAS II). The theme of the ATLAS II is "Global Internet: The User Perspective".

The purposes of the ATLAS II includes to:

  1. Strengthen the bottom up structure of the At-Large community by building capacity and awareness of At-Large policies and process of the 160 At-Large Structures (ALSes);

  2. Further develop the At-Large Community's capacity for engagement in ICANN by increasing its knowledge and understanding of the key issues confronting ICANN and ICANN's roles and responsibilities;

  3. Plan for the next stage of the ALAC/At-Large community's development;

  4. Allow ICANN to showcase a key component of its bottom-up multi-stakeholder environment to the rest of the world at a time pivotal to ICANN and the Internet multi-stakeholder model.

Below are links to wiki pages that include important information about pre-Summit and Summit-related activities. Additional links will be added shortly.